Over the course of last five years, I’ve worked on consulting assignments with many companies. These assignments span engineering management, product management, marketing to strategy to business development. Having spent most of career as industry insider, I have intimate knowledge of the industry and relate well to requirements of clients.

Some of the consulting assignments are listed below.

Corporate Marketing and Strategy

  • Go-To Market and ecosystem planning: Analyzed current market scenario and developed go-to-market plan and strategy for a deep learning platform. Recommended product features, partnerships, early adapters to target.
  • Use Case Analysis: Developed a comprehensive matrix of AI use cases pertaining to client’s company portfolio. The matrix considered details such as underlying AI technology, product feature, markets and recommended best positioning.
  • Competitive Analysis: Kept track of companies in a given application market for clients and generated a comprehensive report on key competitive advantages.
  • AI strategy: Analyzed overall requirements of the AI use cases of a business and developed foundation for client business and technology capabilities and execution.
  • TAM/SAM and Market analysis: Frequently developed market model of applicable markets and performed TAM/SAM analysis.
  • Corporate Strategy and Advisory: Often worked with companies to analyze their AI/Computer Vision product portfolio recommended overall strategy, positioning and messaging.
  • Marketing Literature Generation: Developed wide range of literature to help companies with their marketing messaging. These include white papers, product briefs, customer presentations, blog posts and so on.

Investment and due-diligence

  • Technical due diligence: Advised VC firms on due diligence and investment in deep learning chipset start-ups. Wrote repots and feasibility analysis.
  • AI product companies due diligence: Performed complete business and technology analysis for Series B and C rounds of funding. Developed report comparing technology to peer and business with market condition, feasibility of product and success.
  • Business Plan Creation and Validation: Helped create business plans for start-ups that also included market analysis, planning, sales forecasting among others.
  • Start-up advisory and help with capital raising: I’ve helped several companies with advise on their technology/product and often helped by connecting and/or pointing to resources to raise capital.

Product Management and Marketing

  • Product Development and Positioning Analysis: Compared competitive products and solutions to client’s Video Analytics Solution. Performed market analysis via market model building. Performed ‘Edge vs Cloud’ analysis and recommended product positioning strategy.
  • Market Requirement Document (MRD) Development: Developed market requirement documents for AI, Computer Vision and Video Analytics products. The products include:
    • IoT chipsets to IoT ML platform
    • IoT Software Platform for ML based sensor data analysis
    • An automotive chip for NN acceleration
    • An AI inference server
    • AI training chipset
    • AI training server
    • Software stack for AI training server
    • Video Analytics software product suite
  • Product Requirement Document (PRD) Development: Developed detailed technical specification for several products. These include:
    • IoT chipset for NN acceleration
    • IoT Software platform
    • Video Analytics software suite
    • AI training server – hardware and software

Product Development and Team Management

  • Product Development: Built a complete IoT platform consisting of low power AI chipset, a board, a set of AI libraries and cloud with data and AI APIs. The SoC consisted an ARM M4 processor along with AI accelerator and Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity. The platform offered ultra-low power implementation of AI algorithms for the edge applications via a machine learning library written in C. A complete platform ( was developed along with use cases (gesture recognition, anomaly detection, signature detection, music player control).
  • Technology and product development strategy: Analyzed and explored new and emerging technologies in AI/Deep Learning to create a vision of roadmap of the future for the client.
  • Benchmarking Analysis: Ran AI benchmarks on popular AI hardware platforms and provided recommendations to client on enhancements needed on their products.