Hello, my name is Anand Joshi and I am an analyst, entrepreneur and industry executive with focus on artificial intelligence and computer vision. I have more than 20 years of experience in semiconductor, devices and application software. During the course of my career, I have successfully built startup businesses as well as business units within larger companies.

My association with Computer Vision/AI started in 2014 when I was pursing an idea for a start-up  as am EIR at F50 Ventures and wrote a report on Computer Vision as a consulting assignment.  At that time I described Computer Vision as a ‘Rookie Quarterback with high expectations’ and what a fun it has been to watch that quarterback mature and many of the predictions come true! Since then, I have published many market research reports and advised Fortune 500 as well as start-up companies on business and technical aspects pertaining to AI.

Some of the popular reports I’ve published include:

  • Deep learning chipsets – GPU, FPGA, ASICs and CPUs.
  • Deep learning chipsets – Enterprise and Edge markets
  • AI Enterprise Infrastructure – compute, network and storage
  • Computer Vision: Technologies and markets- hardware and software
  • 3D Technologies: Sensors, hardware subsystems and technologies
  • Video Analytics: Algorithms, applications and markets

I often speak in conference and write articles. Some of the recent engagements include


  • IEEE Seminar “State of AI/ML” – Technologies and architectures for AI/ML acceleration
  • Edge Summit: “Power Play in edge AI market”
  • RISC V Summit: “Opportunities and markets for RISC V”
  • Semiconductor Packaging Society: “Opportunities created by AI chipsets in semiconductor manufacturing”
  • Sensors Expo/OIDA Forum: “Optical and 3D sensing for AI enabled autonoums cars”
  •  Autotech Council of Silicon Valley: “How computer vision is driving autonomous cars”

2018 and before

I also run a meetup group called ‘Bay Area Computer Vision and Deep Learning‘. We host events every 6-8 weeks in the bay area and feature topics around new developments in the area.

Feel free email me at anand at joshipartner dot com for more information on reports or consulting services.